Qubit Biology

biology-buttonPlant, Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human.  Analyzers and systems for a broad range of research and teaching applications.  Whatever your biological discipline, we have the equipment to meet your research and teaching requirements.

Qubit Phenomics

phenomics-buttonModular PlantScreenTM systems  for the lab and field. Options for high throughput imaging of chlorophyll  fluorescence kinetics, NIR, RGB, morphometric, hyperspectral and thermal characteristics.  Intelligent, energy-efficient growth rooms and greenhouses.

Qubit CPX

CPX-buttonThe most flexible and sophisticated breath by breath analysis systems for testing CPX and pulmonary function.  Excellent accuracy and dependability at cost-effective prices.  We also offer mixed expired air systems for research and teaching.


 Q-Box Laboratory Packages


 PlantScreen Phenotyping


 Q-CPX Metabolic Cart