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Dr. Tyson MacCormack, Biology Department, Mount Alison University, New Brunswick, Canada

“We have been using the Q-Box AQUA respirometry package for a year and have been impressed with the quality and versatility of the system. Although designed for teaching, we have found it to be more than adequate for basic research applications on both fish and cephalopods. The mechanical systems are well designed and easily serviced and the software is intuitive and flexible enough for use in diverse applications. The technicians at Qubit are outstanding; they were able to modify the system to suit our particular needs and they have always been quick to respond when technical support was required. The fact that Qubit ships the system in a protective case was also a big plus for field work!”

Dr. A. Cemal Saydam, Hacettepe University, Turkey

“I am using one of your CO2 monitoring systems for atmospheric CO2 measurements, successfully and continuously since 2010 and would like to thank you for manufacturing such a reliable instrument. In fact by using your instrument I managed to illustrate that desert dust cloud interactions is the main source of atmospheric CO2 and not anthropocentric sources.”

Dr. Barb Vanderbeld, Biology Department, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

“I’m a new instructor in an upper year physiology lab where respiration studies have been run for many years using Qubit equipment – all of which was entirely unfamiliar to me when I started. The Qubit staff has been unbelievably helpful in teaching me how to use all of this equipment. Their knowledge – not only of their systems, which would be expected, but of the countless ways that their systems can be adapted to support unique experimental designs – really impressed me. We are currently using their carbon dioxide analyzers and oxygen sensors to study the gas exchange characteristics of locusts subjected to a variety of treatments. For example, the students gained a great deal from, and enjoyed seeing – in real time – the effect of exercise on the respiration of their locusts. We were able to develop a number of very interesting biological questions that they were able to answer using the Qubit equipment. The system has enough built in flexibility to allow them to make many of their own reasoned decisions regarding experimental design, which enhances their understanding of the entire process dramatically. The equipment is easy to set up and very robust. The software is powerful and extremely user-friendly. I am already thinking of new ways to exploit the system for experiments next year.”

Dr. Diane Robertson, Biology Department, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

“I have found the people at Qubit Systems to be an extremely valuable resource in getting three different systems up and running. Their knowledge, experience and unfailing good humor helped me work through a number of issues. They have provided the best service that I have ever received from a company.”

Dr. Bill Shipley, Département de Biologie, Université de Sherbrooke

“When purchasing a new gas exchange system for research purposes, I took a chance with Qubit systems; they claimed to produce a competitive system at almost half the price of those of more established companies. I am happy to say that I am entirely happy with my decision. I now have a reliable and versatile system that is just as accurate as the more expensive competition and, because it is modular, can be expanded as my needs evolve. Most importantly, I received outstanding service during all phases of purchase: conception, ordering, installation and continuing help.”

Dr. Inna Sokolova, Assistant Professor, Biology Department, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“I have tested my new Qubit system with isolated oyster mitochondria, and was extremely pleased with the results. I can’t believe I was suffering for the whole year with my old chamber. I have tried three different systems based on Clarke-type electrodes including this one, and this is by far the most convenient for use with small sample volumes and gives a very clean, repeatable trace with the best signal to noise ratio I ever had with micro-chambers.”

Dr. Bob Hodson, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

“We purchased twenty Respiration Packages with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. With minimal training, all 150 student teams were able to measure the effects of temperature on respiration rates in mice and lizards. The Qubit Respiration Package certainly works as advertised.”

Dr. Warwick Silvester, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

“We have used both the Photosynthesis and Nitrogenase assay systems and find them robust and easy to use. An excellent feature is that the students can assemble the unit, get it working and then handle the data. This is a great boon from a teaching point of view in that the students feel that they are in control and they learn the real pitfalls in setup and data handling.
Qubit’s educational packages are hard to beat. As tools for teaching students the principles of photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation, they are great value!”

Dr. Neil G. Grant, Professor, Department of Biology, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey

“My students in plant physiology found the Qubit Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation systems challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. The most heartening remark was: ‘Now we really begin to understand whole plant photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation, while before it was just meaningless book knowledge….”

Dr. Jim Hoerter, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan

“I highly recommend the photosynthesis package for any faculty member who wants to begin to make a laboratory more research-based and inquiry driven. It also is very useful to support independent research projects.”

Dr. Judy Parrish, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

“I have been very impressed with the value and quality of our Qubit Systems’ laboratories. Their simplicity of design allows students to understand the processes they are measuring better than our more elegant expensive portable photosynthesis machine.
We plan to take your CO2 system, with portable pump and battery to the tropics this spring for a field course – a trip we are not brave enough to take our $18,000 machine on!”

Dr. Janice M. Coons, Professor of Botany, Biological Sciences Department, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL

“We first started using the Qubit photosynthesis package shortly after I began teaching Plant Physiology in 1998. Initially, we purchased one package, and it worked so well that we soon added three more. Since that time, my class has used the system for two labs each semester including one that deals with photosynthesis and one that deals with respiration. During this time, we only had to upgrade the original sensors once…so their durability and long-lasting performance is remarkable. So I was able to get nearly 13 years of use from the initial packages that I purchased….even with hundreds of students using them! Their system is very student friendly, and performs very well in a classroom situation. Students are excited to see real-time measurements, and the software allows them to calculate rates very easily. Hence, the quality of their product is truly exceptional.
But the quality of their systems is equally matched by the service that they provide. All of their staff have always been extremely professional. They offer a personal, friendly touch to service that is not often found by companies today. I almost feel as though they are family. Qubit offers the absolute best service and support of any company that I have encountered in my 27 years of teaching. “

Dr. William Eisinger, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

“I have used Qubit photosynthesis systems to teach photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration for more that 10 years. The system is simple, reliable, flexible, and cost effective. I have used the system to teach non-majors, introductory biology, and upper division plant physiology. I am especially pleased that my students can design their own independent lab exercises by merely altering variables like light intensity, light color, or CO2 concentration. Even non-major students can construct an action spectrum, determine the CO2 compensation point for C3/C4 plants, or observe light-induced stomatal opening. The computer interface is easy to use and collected data can be easily transferred to Excel for advanced analysis. Support from Qubit has always been outstanding. I strongly recommend the Qubit photosynthesis systems.”

Stuart Naylor, Managing Director, Roylan Developments Ltd. UK

My company engaged Qubit Systems to develop a gas control station to critical specifications. Qubit staff were a pleasure to work with – enthusiastic, knowledgeable and inventive. The product was delivered on schedule, exceeded our expectations, and was provided at a very attractive price.

Dr. Amanda R. Falk, Department of Biology, Centre College, Danville, KY

“I just wanted to touch base and thank you again for all your help with our Qubit low-range respirometry box. It worked great, the students loved designing experiments with it, and it was the centerpiece of our animal physiology lab last spring.”