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About Qubit Systems

Queen’s University Biological Instrumentation & Technology

Qubit Systems Inc. was founded by university researchers in 1996 to meet the needs of professional scientists and teachers. We speak your language, and are always ready for free consultation concerning any aspect of your research or teaching needs. 

Our Management Team

Qubit Systems team is composed of scientist who speak your language, engineers who can design and build instruments that will meet your specifications and personnel that will provide excellent customer support all the way from the inquiry, purchase and into post sale.  We are here for you.

Stephen Hunt, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Nick Dowling

VP-Product Development

Monika Kuzma, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Donna Fleury

Office Administrator

Billie Kearns, B.A.Sc.

Head of R&D

David Layzell, Ph.D., FRSC

Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor
Our History

Qubit Systems Inc. was founded at Queen's University in Kingston On. Canada in 1996 by two biology professors and an electronics technician.

Our Mission

From day 1 our mission has been to bring affordable but high quality instrumentation for research and teaching in biological sciences.

Our Vision

Every biology student in every institution experiences hands on instructions in biological science courses and researchers around the world make new discoveries with our systems.