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Qubit Systems Inc. specializes in instrumentation for biological sciences. We provide solutions for industry, research, and teaching applications. We manufacture and sell a broad range of gas analyzers, environmental sensors, instruments for aquatic and terrestrial animal biology, plant and soil physiology, algal research, human physiology, and a broad range of packages for teaching biology. Please contact us for a free consultation.

About Qubit Systems

Qubit stands for Queen’s University Biological Instrumentation & Technology

Qubit Systems Inc. was founded by university researchers in 1996 to meet the needs of professional scientists and teachers. We speak your language, and are always ready for free consultation concerning any aspect of your research or teaching needs. 


High Quality Affordable Instrumentation For Biological Sciences

Qualified Staff

PhD level biology researchers with multiple publications, engineers, electronics and software technicians

Latest Equipment

Always asking questions and enhancing our instruments to meet changing needs of our customers

Highest Quality Results

Numerous peer reviewed publications citing Qubit Systems instrumentation


Researchers, Designers, Engineers, Manufacturer

What do you want to measure? We ask the question, offer our expertise and instrumentation to provide tools and answers to your questions.

A collage of images that represent animals, plants and the environment around us.
Qubit Systems has been helping researchers and teachers around the world for 26 years by constantly enhancing our instrumentation for biological sciences
Team Members

We develop new instrumentation and enhance current systems as your needs change.  We provide free expertise and consultation to anyone who may need it.  We always look for new markets and new distribution partners to get our systems in your hands.

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