Qubit Systems offers various LED light sources.  Simple, calibrated in the software, white LED light is used with a flow through leaf chamber. Larger LED panels can be provided with a stand and a controller or software for illuminating plants or algae during growth.  Even larger LED panels can be used in growth rooms and greenhouses as growth lights or supplementary lights. For information on different options of large scale lighting please read HERE.  Various wavelengths of LEDs are available.  Hand held spectrometers are available for assessment of light quality and quantity.

Qubit provides PAR light sensors built into Z991-LM, Z991-D-LM FluorPens, Z965 LaiPen and Z850-LM SpectraPen.
Light spectrum measuring devices such as the Z850 SpectraPen and Z830 SpectraPen Mini are hand held Spectrometer.
Simple white LED light calibrated in software used with a leaf chamber or DO electrode, Larger LED panels with a controller or software for plant or algal growth