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Qubit Systems has developed a range of new analysis systems and associated software that expand the boundaries of CPX testing and pulmonary function measurements.  Our breath by breath and mixed expired air systems provide data of unparalleled accuracy that are easy to obtain in a laboratory/indoor environment.  They are clearly presented and delivered by software with an enormous range of analytical and reporting capabilities.  Our mobile VOCO  CPX system allows measurements in the filed under variable environmental conditions.  We have instruments for an experienced sports medicine professional or a novice teacher who wishes to introduce the concepts of CPX testing to students. Visit us at for more information.

Breath-by-Breath Analysis
Human Respirometry Image
HR1LP Human Respiration
Q Box HR1LP Picture 2
S147 Rapid Response O2/CO2
S147 Rapid Response O2 / CO2 Gas Analyzer
S104 Differential O2 Analyzer
S104 DOX
S158 CO2 Analyzer 10%
S158-P CO2 Analyzer
Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer 10%
Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer
S102 O2 Analyzer
Q-S102 O2 Analyzer