Chlorophyll Fluorescence

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Chlorophyll Fluorescence provides non-invasive means of studying photosynthetic processes.  Qubit offers both imaging (Fluorcams) and non-imaging (Fluorpens, Aquapens, Photobioreactors) ways of measuring chlorophyll Fluorescence.  From small hand held units for laboratory and field to large high throughput systems for plant and algal phenotyping are offered.

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging provides means for noninvasive studies of photosynthetic parameters. Available for single leaves, seedlings on the plates, algal cultures, whole plants and trays of plants. Laboratory, greenhouse and field systems
Chlorophyll Fluorescence measurements provide non-invasive means of studying photosynthetic processes. Available in hand-held devices for single leaves and algal samples or as part of algal culture systems like photobioreactors.