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The Q-teach Animal CO2 and O2 Package is designed for teaching the principles of respirometry in small but more active animals like mammals and lizards placed in a flow-through chamber.  The package includes everything required by the instructors: NDIR CO2 analyzer (3%), a galvanic cell O2 analyzer (25%), gas pump flow monitor (2LPM), 2 flow-through animal chambers large enough to house a small mammal like a rat or a mouse, a temperature probe, 2 gas bags, kit with accessories, data interface, software and experimental files with all experiments and calculations.  Operational and Laboratory  manuals are provided on a USB disk. The laboratory manual includes descriptions of 3 sample experiments that may be done with this package.  This manual is provide in editable format so instructors may easily add or edit information.  The operational manual describes all of the components in this package and provides instructions on how to use them.


  • Q-teach 102 CO2 Analyzer 3% with soda lime and drying columns
  • Q-teach 300 O2 analyzer 25% with drying column
  • Q-teach 202 Pump Flow Monitor 2LPM
  • S132 Temperature Probe
  • G114-t Flow-through Chamber with a fan (8.5cm ID, 20cm L)
  • G115-t Flow-through Chamber (3.7cm ID, 20cm L)
  • G127 T-piece assembly
  • G122 Gas Bags (2 x 30L)
  • G212 Water trap for condensing ice bath
  • C610 LabQuest Mini data interface (3 analog channels)
  • C420 GoLInk data interface (1 analog channel)
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 disk with operational and laboratory experiments manuals and files
  • Q-teach Kit  Accessories for the package (tubing, filters, connectors, screwdriver, 2 x 3-way valve, wrench, Qubitac sealant)
Q-teach animal CO2 an dO2 package

Sample Experiments:

  • Measurements of Metabolic Rate in different animals
  • The Effects of Temperature on Metabolic Rate of animals
  • The Effects of Diet on Metabolic Rate of animals
Q-teach 103 CO2 analyzer 3%
Q-teach 202 Pump Flow 2LPM
Q-teach 300 O2 analyzer 25%
G114-t chamber with a mouse


page 1 of raw data for Q-teach animal CO2 and O2 pkg
Q-teach animal CO2 and O2 software calculations page 3

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