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Qubit Systems offers complete packages for teaching plant and animal biology laboratories. Students can study small animals, insects, algae, aquatic organisms, bacterial cultures, and yeast suspensions. These educational packages can be used to explore the principles of:

  • Photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration in plants
  • Metabolic rate in insects, small animals, fish, and other aquatic organisms
  • Respiration and fermentation in aqueous cultures

Q-teach Packages come complete with gas analyzers, sensors, data interface, software, and all of the accessories required for a successful hands-on laboratory educational experience. Suggested laboratory experiments for teaching plant and animal biology are fully described in the laboratory experiments manual. The operational manual clearly describes how to set up the system making it easy for the instructor to prepare the labs and for the students to perform the experiments. Students can download the software and lab data to their personal computers for analysis outside the lab. Complete packages start at US$3000

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Teaching plant and animal biology with Q-teach packages have several distinct advantages:

  • Designed by research biologists and university professors for dynamic second-by-second analysis of biological processes.
  • Intuitive software with numerous data handling and display options.
  • Generous software license (all students can download it on their PC or Mac)
  • Easy to set up.
  • Low maintenance, no calibration of sensors required.
  • Rugged for the teaching lab.
  • Economically priced for outfitting labs with multiple systems.
  • Discounts are available for orders of multiple packages.

Q-teach Animal CO2 Package

teaching animal biology

Q-teach Plant CO2 package

teaching plant biology

Sample Experiments:

  • Measurements of metabolic rate in different animals (insect, amphibians, fish)
  • The effects of temperature on metabolic rate of ectotherms
  • The effects of temperature and substrate availability on metabolic rate of yeast suspension

Sample Experiments

  • Measurements and characterization of photosynthesis at different light intensities
  • Measurements of CO2 dependence of photosynthesis
  • Further experiments based on above with sun vs shade plants, C3 vs C4 plants etc