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Our Q-Box AQUA Package is designed  for 1 channel aquatic respiration measurements (dissolved oxygen (DO) depletion) with intermittent open flow system. For small aquatic organisms AQUA-mini is more suitable and with intermittent stop flow measurements using our micro-chamber very small samples like aquatic larvae may be studied.  Eggs and microorganisms may be measured using our OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen systems.  For measurements of changes in dissolved CO2 gas in ppm levels consider our Dissolved CO2 Systems.  In situ coral reef studies of metabolism may be performed with our CISME diver-portable system.

AQUA Aquatic Respiration
Large Chamber with Gold Fish
OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen
A255 Magnetic Stirrer
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes
Community In Situ Metabolism
Aquatic Respiration and Photosynthesis CISME Coral Measurements
Dissolved CO2 Systems
Rapid DCO2 Sampler System
S122 Optical DO Probe
Aquatic Respiration and Photosynthesis Optical DO Probe