Dissolved O2

Qubit Systems offer various options for measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO). Optical and polarographic sensors are available. Polarographic dissolved oxygen electrodes are part of our OX1LP dissolved oxygen packages. These may be used in respiration studies of isolated cells or microorganisms.  with addition of our calibrated LED light source algal photosynthesis may also be measured with OX1LP packages.  Q-Box AQUA aquatic respiration package employs optical DO probe in measurements of intermittent flow respiration of larger aquatic organisms.  We also offer DO control systems for up to 4 different tanks/channels. These employ optical DO probes.

OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen
A255 Magnetic Stirrer
Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respiration
Large Chamber with Gold Fish
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes
S122 Optical DO Probe
Aquatic Respiration and Photosynthesis Optical DO Probe