Gas Mixing and Flow

Qubit Systems offers instrumentation for measurements of various processes associated with gas flow and delivery.  We offer gas flow meters, gas flow monitors, gas mixing systems and gas pumps.  These are all essential components of any gas exchange measuring or gas delivery systems.  We customise these systems with components selected to users specifications.

Qubit Systems provides various ranges of gas flow meters from simple rotameters that can monitor flows from 2ml/min to 10L/min, to mass flow monitors used with data collection software.
Customized system with up to 9 different mass flow controllers that can blend gases from ml to few hundred Litres. Gas mixtures are set in software and can be supplied to multiple sources with high accuracy.
Our gas pumps are integral part of any gas exchange or gas control systems. High accuracy, low and high flow gas pumps are available. We can provide customized gas pumps for any application.