Q-P651 Gas Pump 3LPM

Q-P651 Gas Pump

The Q-P651 Gas Pump is a diaphragm, oil-less pump used to supply gas to a gas exchange system. The maximum unrestricted gas flow generated by the pump is approximately 3 LPM (at ~330mA). A potentiometer allows accurate control of pump speed from 50 to 100% output with reduced risk of accidental alterations. The flow rate of the gas is adjusted via two needle valves on the back of the pump. Rubber feet and internal rubber pump mount ensure quiet operation.

The Q-P651 Gas Pump has been designed to work with  Q-Box Packages but it can also be used in a stand-alone mode. Input and output gas ports are Luer-Lock style for easy attachment to any gas exchange system. The Q-P651 gas pump contains an internal outlet laminar dampening volume which reduces pressure pulses for use with laminar Mass flow Sensors.

  • Quiet, diaphragm pump
  • Simple operation
  • Two valve adjustments of in and out gas flow
  • 3-4LPM max flow (no load).
  • Delivery of gas to analyzers
  • Growth of algal cultures
  • Aquaculture
  • Essential component of Q-Box Packages
  • Oil-less diaphragm pump
  • Power supply 12VDC, 330 mA
  • Max pressure 14.5 PSIG
  • Max vacuum 14” HG
  • Max gas flow (no load) 3LPM
  • Motor type: DC brush
  • Internal volume 12.92ml
  • Flow control with two needle valves
  • Speed control potentiometer
  • Luer-Lock gas in and out ports
  • Dimensions (cm) – (H x W x D: 5.5 to 9.5 x 9.5 x 17)
  • Weight – 900g
  • warranty: 1 years
Q-P651 Gas Pump

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