Z780 LED Panels

Z780 LED Panels are primarily intended for installation in growth rooms and chambers, or for other similar applications where controlled, large-area illumination is of high importance. The Z780 LED Panels provide high-intensity light with uniform light distribution. They are manufactured as single color (cold white as standard) or bi-color series; each color being separately controlled in intensity by the power supply. Infrared LEDs (735 nm) are added in both the single-color and bi-color panel versions so as to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth. Infrared LEDs can also be controlled separately. A new Z780-Multicolor LED panels are now available with up to 7 different colors, each controlled independently.

Z780 LED Panel dimension is 27 x 81 cm. It consists of two joined units 27 x 40.5 cm. The panel is delivered with a mechanical rack and a power supply, which is positioned on the top side of the panel. The panels are manufactured in three versions differing in power input and maximum reachable intensity (measured 50cm distance from the light source).

Z780 LED Panels

maximum reachable intensity 430 µmol(photon)m-2s-1 (cool white)

Z780 LED Panels

maximum reachable intensity 1,000 µmol(photon)m-2s-1 (cool white)

Z780 LED Panels
maximum reachable intensity 1,500 µmol(photon)m-2s-1 (cool white)
Z780 LED Panels
Multicolor Version

As an option, the LED Panels can be supplied with the Light Controller or Light Studio Software; both enable precise control of the light mode, timing and intensity via user-defined protocols.

For larger growth areas consider our Compact LED bars.  These cover an area of 1m2 and are ideal as supplemental lighting in greenhouses or rooms.  Custom LED bars systems  are also available.  For more information click here

  • Homogeneous light distribution over the desired area
  • Light irradiance in the range from 430 to 1,600 µmol(photon)/m2.s
  • Precise intensity control in the range of 1 % to 100%
  • Standard panel setup: cool white LEDs with added far-red LEDs (735 nm) and deep-red LEDs (660 nm); multi-color (up to 7 channels) version available
  • Minimum undesirable heating effects to experimental material
  • Independently programmable LED-based illumination controllable in its power, spectral composition and temporal modulation
  • Irradiance intensity control in basic setup; advanced user-defined protocol writing as an option
  • Plant and algal research
  • Precisely controlled plant and algal cultivation
  • New lighting solutions
  • Growth chamber upgrading – replacement of old fluorescent tubes
  • Agricultural and biotechnology research
  • Biomedical science
  • Panel External Dimension:
    Version A: 81 x 27 cm
    Version B: 81 x 27 cm
    Version C: 81 x 27 cm
  • Number of High-Intensity LEDs (Cool White):
    Version A: 54 pcs + 8 Far Red (735nm)
    Version B: 96 pcs+ 8 Far Red (735nm)
    Version C: 150 + 8 Far Red (735nm)
    Bi-color version: 2 x 140 pcs+ 8 Far Red (735nm)
  • Irradiated power: 100 lm/W per 1 LED foir Far red 300mW/1LED
  • Standard Light Color:
    Cool white + IR (735 nm)
    Other colors as an option
  • Additional, Low-Intensity Infra-Red LEDs:
    Version A: 8 pcs
    Version B: 8 pcs
    Version B: 8 pcs
    Irradiated power: 300 mW/1 LED
  • LED Lifespan:
    60 000 to 70 000 hours of continuous lighting
  • Collimating Optics:
    +/- 6 degrees for standard LEDs
    no collimating optics for IR LEDs
  • Maximum Intensity for Cool White Panel (at the distance of 100 cm):
    Version A: 430 µmol(photon).m-2.s-1
    Version B: 1,000 µmol(photon).m-2.s-1
    Version C: 1,500 µmol(photon).m-2.s-1
  • Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0 to 55 ºC; 32 to 130 ºF Relative humidity: 0 to 80 % (non-condensing; no contact with dripping water must be ensured)
  • Approx. weight: 13kg
  • Warranty:
    1 year parts and labor
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