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ROX The Reflectance Box

Qubit Systems is proud to partner with JB Hyperspectral (Dusseldorf, GDR) to provide a new range of unique, field-deployable hyperspectral devices for monitoring Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (using the FLOX) and Hyperspectral Surface Reflectance (using the ROX and NOX).

Based on designs developed at the prestigious Julich Research Centre (GDR) and The Remote Sensing of Environmental Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Milano Biocca, the FLOX, ROX and NOX represent the most recent advances in non-imaging remote sensing technology.

Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SiF) is becoming a key tool for non-invasive monitoring of canopy photosynthesis. Numerous methods have that SiF has a strong linear relationship with seasonal primary production.  The FLOX can be used to monitor this relationship with high resolution in the short term, especially when mounted on an outdoor gantry or eddy flux tower.

The ROX is used for long-term measurements of solar irradiance and reflectance and is ideal for monitoring plant reflective indices. Other applications include monitoring the grain size of snow and carbon black content to predict snow melt and avalanches, as well as monitoring water turbidity and phytoplankton populations. The NOX is an extended ROX with a wider range in NIR region, reaching 1650nm.