Large Fytoscopes

Large Fytoscopes

Large Fytoscopes are LED-based growth chambers, with full environment control, developed for plant cultivation. They may also be used for animal studies. Large Fytoscopes range in size between Reach-InStep-In, and Walk-In units. All Fytoscopes are equipped with a programmable controller that enables users to create automated protocols for varying operating parameters, such as timing and intensity of light, temperature, and relative humidity. All Fytoscopes may be provided with additional modules for plant measurements or imaging.

Various day/night cycles with dawn/dusk and cloudy sky effects can be programmed. Fytoscopes may be used for growing a diverse range of plants from Arabidopsis to wheat, corn, or rice. Measured and set conditions are displayed on the touch screen controller situated on the outside of the Fytoscope. All data can be downloaded to a PC wirelessly or via a USB cable. Large Fytoscopes can be fitted with a system for automated watering and nutrient delivery as well as imaging stations for plant phenotyping. For more information visit or click Here

Key Features

  • Lighting adjustable in intensity from 0 % to 100 %; adjustable timing, modulation, and diurnal cycling.
  • Temperature standard maximum of +40 °C with a minimum +10 °C (lights ON, ambient room temperature up to 35 °C).  Optional extended ranges available.
  • CO2 concentration control.
  • Standard relative humidity is adjustable from 40 % to 80 % (independent of light intensity). Optional extended ranges available.
  • LED technology with minimum plant heating.
  • Standard white LED illumination with supplementary Far Red LEDs for excellent plant growth. A broad range of LED wavelengths are available for customized, and variable, spectral conditions.
  • Standard PAR up to 1,000 μmol.m-2.s-1 at the distance of 50 cm. Higher irradiances available as an option.
  • Rapid modulation of irradiance simulating light flecks as well as precise adjustment of the light intensity from 1 to 100% of maximum.
  • Homogeneous illumination over the whole cultivation area.
  • Adjustable shelving (optional).
  • Optional plant measurement or imaging available.
Large Fytoscopes
Reach-in Fytoscope
Large Fytoscopes
Walk -in Fytoscope
FS 3400 Fytoscope
Step-in Fytoscope
Cultivation Shelves
Cultivation Shelves
Cultivation Bank
Cultivation Bank

If clients have their own temperature-controlled space, we can equip this with our Cultivation Banks or Cultivation Shelves both equipped with LED lighting. Cultivation Banks allow precise control of lighting with temperatures maintained from 2oC to 20oC above the temperature of the growth room. They are placed in a temperature control room and allow for multiple experimental setups n the same cultivation area. Cultivation Shelves consist of shelving units with overhead LED light panels. These can be placed directly in the growth space and used for plant growth under precisely controlled light conditions.

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