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Qubit-Phenomics designs and builds controlled environments for plant cultivation that range from small reach-in Fytoscope growth cabinets to large-scale intelligent greenhouses.  All products are built to the most exacting engineering standards, and with the aim of maximizing energy efficiency to minimize long-term operating costs.  Our plant growth facilities include numerous innovative design features, including a choice of lighting options, multiple light banks for multi-tiered growth space and large area heat exchangers that operate at low power and do not require high capacity fans.

Martin in room scaled 1
  • Lighting: adjustable in intensity (from 0 % to 100 %), timing, modulation, and diurnal cycling
  • Temperature: maximum +40 °C; minimum +10 °C (lights ON, ambient room temperature up to 35 °C); optionally minimum down to +4 °C
  • CO2 concentration control
  • Relative humidity adjustable from 40 % to 80 % (independent of light intensity)
  • LED technology with minimum undesired plant heating
  • White LED illumination with supplementary FAR LEDs for excellent plant growth
  • Standard PAR up to 1,000 μmol.m-2.s-1 at the distance of 50 cm.  Higher irradiances available as an option
  • Rapid modulation of irradiance simulating light flecks as well as precise adjustment of the light intensity in the range of 1 to 100 %
  • Homogeneous illumination over the whole cultivation area
  • Adjustable shelving (optional)
  • Incorporated measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence (optional)

All of our growth facilities are designed for easy and effective inclusion of plant imaging equipment, either through installation of a robotic arm to carry the imaging system to the plants, or installation of a conveyor system to carry the plants to the imaging stations.

XYZ for Growth Room
Conveyor for Growth Room

All Fytoscope chambers and greenhouses can be fitted with a system for automated watering and nutrient delivery as well as options for:

Environmental conditions that may be monitored within the Fytoscopes and greenhouses include:

  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  • Spectral Composition
  • Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air Temperature
  • Data collection in real time
  • Data upload for processing – even when the experiment is running
  • Data visualization in graphs or tables
  • Web interface
  • 10.5″ LCD color touch screen located at the front side of the chamber
  • Included software for user-friendly protocol programming
  • Memory for 100 user-created protocols
  • Graphical representation of conditions inside the FytoScope – displayed are both actual conditions and target values
  • Data transfer via Ethernet or USB interface
  • Remote control over LAN
  • Internal diagnostic system for recording and reporting of possible failures

We customize growth facilities to meet your immediate and longer term requirements.  We can supply individual units in various sizes, or can design an entire Phytotron facility for your institution.  Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss your project.  We guarantee confidentiality and that you will receive dedicated pre-purchase and post-purchase support. Click on the links below for more information about options for our fytoscopes and greenhouses.

Growth Room Schematic