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Measure CO2 and O2 exchange in both flow-through and stop flow systems. Ready to use Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package provides fully assembled 1 channel system with software and experimental files. Add our Gas Switching System and monitor respiration from up to 7 insects. Customized systems are also available for use with your own data acquisition and software. With our S104 DOX Differential Oxygen Analyzer, measurements of oxygen gas exchange of single insects, at ppm levels against 21% background of Air are possible.  Teach insect respirometry with our Q-teach Animal CO2 Package

RP1LP Low Range Respiration
S104 Differential O2 Analyzer
S104 DOX
S157 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
S157-PF CO2 Analyzer
S151 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
S151 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm
GSS Gas Switching Systems
Qubit Gas Switching System
Q-teach Animal CO2 Package
Q-teach animal CO2 pacakge