S216 Hand Dynamometer

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S216 Hand Dynamometer.

Qubit Systems’ provides strain-gage based isometric S216 Hand Dynamometer.  This instrument is designed for measurements of grip strength, pinch strength and to perform muscle fatigue studies.  It can be used with the C610 LabQuest Mini data interface and C901 Logger Pro software in a variety of experiments, and may be combined with other sensors such as the Q-S207 EKG/EMG sensor and Q-S222 GSR sensor for comprehensive studies of muscle activity.

The S216 Hand Dynamometer is factory calibrated in Newtons (N)  kilograms (Kg) or punds (lb) of force. The sensor amplifies the force applied converting it into voltage that is monitored by the data interface and read in the desired units of force in the software.  To measures grip strength  hold the sensor in a vertical position with arm perpendicular to the body and fingers on the pad.  Both, relative strength of the left and right hand and muscle fatigue and endurance can be measured. To measure the pinch strength (finger strength) place the fingers on the pinch senor pads in a vertical alignment.  Its sensitivity ensures that all subjects may obtain excellent signals, and may participate in the full complement of studies.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • 0-5V analog output
  • Factory calibrated
  • Great addition to human electrophysiology laboratory (HE1LP)
  • Studies of muscle fatigue
  • Measurements of grip and pinch strength
  • Studies of muscular Strength adn activity
  • For teaching and research only.
  • Stored calibration (N)    slope: 175.416,  intercept: –19.295
  • Stored calibration (kg)   slope: 17.8875, intercept: –1.9676
  • Stored calibration (lbs)   slope: 39.4351, intercept: –4.3379
  • Accuracy  ±0.6 N
  • 12-bit resolution  0.2141 N
  • Power 7 mA @ 5VDC
  • Safety range (maximum force without damage to the sensor)  0 to 850 N
  • Operational range: 0 to 600N
  • size: 17.5×2.5 cm
  • weight: 100g
  • warranty: 1 years
S216 Hand Dynamometer.
Grip Strength Data Chart

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