Algae Photosynthesis

Measurements of algal photosynthesis can be made with our FL23 Algal CO2 Package as CO2 exchange in the head space of an algal chamber. Changes in dissolved O2 in algal liquid suspension can be made with our OX1LP dissolved O2 systems. Study algal photosynthesis by measuring changes in chlorophyll fluorescence with small hand-held AquaPen or as part of the photobioreactor cultivation and monitoring systems.  Chlorophyll Fluorescence imaging of algal cultures on plates may be done with the FluorCam systems.  Coral photosynthesis may be measures with the diver-portable CISME system.

Z980 Probe AquaPen
Z980 Probe AquaPen
Z985 Cuvette AquaPen
Z985 Aqua Pen
OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen
A255 Magnetic Stirrer
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes
Z150 Photobioreactor
Z150 Photo Bioreactor
FL23 Algal CO2
Q-S141CO2 Analyzer
Z100 FluorCam-Closed
Z100 FluorCam
Z200 FluorCam-Open
Z200 FluorCam
Z300 Handy FluorCam
Z300 Handy FluorCam
Z125 GFP FluorCam-Closed
Z125 GFP FluorCam
Z450 Handy GFP-Cam
Z450 Handy GFP-Cam
Community In Situ Metabolism
Aquatic Respiration and Photosynthesis CISME Coral Measurements