Animal Respirometry: If it respires, we can measure it

If it respires, we can measure it

Insects, lizards, mammals, birds, amphibians, fish.
Single and multichannel systems. Laboratory and field studies.

Customized Respirometry Systems

Over our 26 year history, the team at Qubit Systems has provided respirometry systems to measure metabolism in cattle, pigs, dogs, cats, turtles, drosophila, black widow spiders, bats, turkeys and humans. We are currently developing a system for Deakin University in Australia to monitor seal weaners in the Arctic.

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Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration

Measure metabolic activity (VO2, VCO2) in insects, lizards, amphibians and other small or less active animals. Open flow and stop flow modes.


Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration

Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration

Measure metabolic activity (VO2, VCO2) in small mammals, birds, and more active animals. Open flow measurements.


Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration

Flexibility and Modularity

The RP1LP and RP2LP systems each include an NDIR CO2 analyzer in an appropriate range (0 – 2000 ppm; 0 – 1% or 0 – 5%). A high-resolution O2 fuel cell analyzer is also included, as well as pumps, mass flow meters, and a temperature sensor. An optional battery pack is available for field measurements. A relative humidity analyzer for water loss measurements is also optional. Components are housed, ready to go, in a rugged case for easy transport. The modular design allows components to be removed for individual use if required.

Powerful, Intuitive Software

The RP1LP and RP2LP run on the same software platform that collects data at a user-defined rate, saves raw and calculated values, and displays them graphically and in tables. Powerful mathematical functions allow you to manipulate data as you wish. The software also controls the systems, switching between reference and sample gas streams to monitor baselines.

Gas Switching Systems for up to 8 channels

Easily connect with any Q-Box for measurements of multiple organisms with a single set of analyzers.

Learn more about flexibility of this system.

Gas Switching Systems

Recent publications

  • Xu JH et al. (2021) Estrogen receptor 2 mediates intraspecific aggressive behaviors of the female Cricetulus barabensis in the estrous cycle. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience link here.
  • Villa-Bedoya S et al (2021) Heat shock proteins and antioxidants as mechanisms of response to ivermectin in the dung beetle Euoniticellus intermedius. Chemosphere link here.
  • Hall JM, Warner DA (2020) Thermal Sensitivity of lizard embryos indicates mismatch between oxygen supply and demand at near-lethal temperatures. JES-A Ecological and Integrative Physiology link here.

Contact us with your specific needs. We can customize our systems for your application.

“A reliable and versatile system that is just as accurate as the more expensive competition”

“When purchasing a new gas exchange system for research purposes, I took a chance with Qubit systems; they claimed to produce a competitive system at almost half the price of those of more established companies. I am happy to say that I am entirely happy with my decision. I now have a reliable and versatile system that is just as accurate as the more expensive competition and, because it is modular, can be expanded as my needs evolve. Most importantly, I received outstanding service during all phases of purchase: conception, ordering, installation and continuing help”

Dr. Bill Shipley, Département de Biologie, Université de Sherbrooke