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The 3D laser scanner used in the PlantScreen™ System is designed for precise structural plant phenotyping. Top and side scanning allow precise 3D plant models to be merged. Based on the meshed models, automatic data analysis offers computation of a wide range of morphological parameters. For the best understanding of plant physiology the data from chlorophyl fluorescence measurements, and from RGB data from CCD cameras are fitted to the 3D model. Systems are customized according the customer’s needs.

Scan Line 3D Sc System
Scanner with Chl Fluor Fit
chlorophyll fluorescence image fitted to 3D model
  • Resolution less than 1mm
  • Quick and effective approach of 3D modelling
  • Top scan – scanning distance up to 60 cm
  • Side scan – user defined scanning distance
  • Laser – 660 nm
  • Raw data in 3D point clouds
  • Meshed models automatically analysed
  • Projection of chlorophyl fluorescence to 3D model
  • Projecting of other model images to 3D model
  • Automatic analysis
  • Plant architecture assessment
  • Biomass assessment
  • Leaf count
  • Individual leaf area
  • Leaves angle measurement
Scan Unit SC

Top and side laser scanning in combination with plant rotation is used to optimise 3D modelling.  A 660 nm laser line reflected from the plant is captured by the camera.  The position of the laser line on the image is used to determine the z coordinate of the points along the line.  All the scans are merged together in final 3D point clouds model. The meshed model serves for automatic computing of different analyzed parameters.

Points Cloud 3D Analysis SC