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The PlantScreen™ system may be configured with an imaging station specific for monitoring and comparing the water status of plants, or for assessing variations of the water status within different plant tissues.  In this station the camera is set to collect data in the NIR absorbance bands for water between.  Plants that are adequately hydrated show high absorbance of NIR light in this absorbance band (and low reflectance), whereas those subject to drying shows greater reflectance in this band.

False Colour Water NIR

Applying a false color palette to the images allows the researcher to quickly healthier water status.  In this respect, the NIR imaging station is important when studying responses to drought stress and screening for plants with enhanced water use efficiency.

Software allows individual plants to be tracked through an imposed drought cycle so that the time-course of the onset of drought stress, and response to re-watering, can be monitored.  In addition, morphometric parameters, and measurements of photochemical efficiency, may be correlated with stress and recovery events.

Water Content NIR Graph
NIR camera comparison

Qubit Phenomics NIR and hyperspectral cameras have been designed and built by Photon Systems Instruments using the very latest chip technology.  They provide greater resolution, and long-term dependability, than models from other manufacturers.  They are also significantly less expensive.  Customised software provides imaging data specific for your applications.