Instrumentation for Agronomy and Soil Science

FLOX in corn field

For more than 26 years, Qubit Systems has provided the scientific community with a broad range of instrumentation for plant and soil science.  We will be attending the annual meeting of the American Societies for Agronomy and Soil Science between November 6-9 in Baltimore, where we will be exhibiting our analytical equipment.  Please visit us there at Booth 354. A brief summary of our relevant products for monitoring plant  and soil processes is provided below.

The ROX Box Remote Hyperspectral Analysis

ROX at Emmerich

The ROX is an automated field spectroscopy device for conducting unattended, continuous, long-term hyperspectral measurements of solar radiation and surface reflectance. Its robust design and flexibility make the ROX suitable for numerous applications including vegetation monitoring (reflective vegetation indices such as NDVI, PRI etc.), and monitoring water quality, snow and ice. The spectrometer covers the Visible/NIR range (300- 950 nm). Upward and downward channels allow sequential measurement of solar radiation and reflected spectral radiance from the plant canopy or other surfaces. MORE

The FLOX Box Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence

FLOX canopy

The FLOX Box is a self-contained dual hyperspectral system for monitoring long and short-term fluctuations in Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF). SIF is considered the most direct, non-invasive remote-sensing signal for tracking photosynthetic activity and its dynamics at the leaf, canopy, ecosystem, and global scale. The FLOX represents the most advanced system available for SIF measurements in agriculture, forestry and other remote locations. MORE

Plant Phenotyping

plant phenotyping

In collaboration with our European partner (Photon Systems Instruments), we provide the largest range of plant phenotyping systems available anywhere. With numerous field, laboratory, greenhouse and growth room installations worldwide, we are the leading company for plant phenotyping equipment. We provide conveyor-based, robotic and tractor-mounted systems with options for RGB, chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral and multispectral imaging, as well as laser-based 3D reconstruction. We offer turn-key phenotyping solutions, including all hardware, software and cultivation environments (growth chambers and greenhouses). MORE

Root Phenotyping

Soybean Root

Qubit Systems offers non-invasive root screening of plants from early seedling emergence to late in plant development.  Plants are grown in Rhizotubes with roots visible when outer light shield is removed.  The whole system is delivered to the RhizoCab and rotated during  imaging.  High resolution images allow visualization and morphometric analysis of the whole  root system resulting in detailed root phenotyping opportunities.  Combined with our PlantScreen systems whole plant phenotyping is possible. MORE

Soil Respiration

Soil respiration

The Q-Box SR1LP Soil Respiration Package is designed for short-term measurements of soil respiration and water loss in field conditions.  Measurements of soil temperature and soil moisture plus atmospheric pressure are also performed with this package. The battery pack, included with the package provides approximately 11 hours of field use. Soil samples can also be assessed back in the lab when placed in a flow-through chamber. The modular system has switchable components for use in other applications, such as whole plant respiration and photosynthesis. MORE

Plant CO2 Analysis – Photosynthesis and Respiration

Plant photosynthesis 1

The Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis Package is designed for measurements of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration in leaves when placed in a temperature controlled flow-through leaf chamber. You can use Plant CO2 Analysis Package in both the lab or field (with optional battery pack).  The Q-Box CO650 software automatically checks the reference levels of CO2 and water vapour and provides on-the-go calculations of photosynthesis and transpiration rates. The modular system has switchable components for use in other applications, such as soil respiration. MORE

Hand-Held PlantPens – Reflective Indices and Chlorophyll Fluorescence


For convenient use in the laboratory and field, Qubit Systems offers a raneg of hand-held devices for monitoring plant reflective indices (NDVI, PRI, NDGI, etc.) and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics. Each device incorporates a handy leaf clip, simple two-button operation, and a bright LCD display. The built-in GPS module allows accurate mapping of the data in the field.  Each device uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery and is supplied in a robust case. Other hand-held devices include a PolyPen for recording the entire reflective spectrum of a leaf from 380-790 nm or from 640-1050 nm, and SpectraPen with similar ranges for monitoring the spectrum from any light source.  MORE

Upcoming Conferences

Please visit the Qubit exhibit to learn more about the ROX and FLOX and Qubit’s other instrumentation for monitoring plants, algae and the environment.

2022 ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting. November 6-9 | Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. December 12-16, Chicago, Illinois, USA.