Monitoring Human Energy Expenditure, Cardiopulmonary Fitness and Electrophysiology

Measuring Human Physiology, Metabolism and Exercise Performance

Whether you are a researcher, teacher, coach or kinesiologist, Qubit Systems has affordable products to monitor cardiopulmonary fitness, lung function, electrophysiology and other aspects of human physiology. Our equipment has all the accuracy, reliability and sophistication of competitors’ products costing several times more, and is backed by our decades of experience in biological research. Contact us about your project for an honest appraisal of your requirements.

Q-Track CPX System (from US$8000)


Q-Track is a wearable breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary exercise (CPX) system for monitoring human metabolic rate and energy expenditure.  Battery-powered and weighing only 1.5 Kg, Q-Track allows the subject to engage in numerous sports and physical activities without significant encumbrance.  Autocalibration is easy, and data are stored on an SD card for convenient download into LoggerPro software where raw data and all calculated parameters are displayed.  Q-Track has all the power and features of medical grade CPX systems costing more than five times as much. Learn more about Q-Track HERE


  • Fuel cell O2 Sensor
  • NDIR CO2 Analyzer
  • Disposable/Sterilizable Pneumotach
  • Adjustable Face Masks
  • Mask and Attachments only 85g
  • System Weight only 1.2 Kg
  • Collect Data Anywhere
  • Intuitive Software
  • Automated VO2 and VCO2 Calculations
  • Heart Rate Monitor Included
  • PFT Functions
  • +8 Hour Battery Life

Room Calorimetry with the S104 DOX Differential O2 Analyzer

S104 DOX Differential O2 Analyzer

Qubit’s patented DOX differential O2 analyzer has a remarkable resolution of 1 ppm O2 against air. Operating in true differential mode, it may be used to monitor metabolic oxygen consumption by a maskless subject in a body-pod or in a metabolic room.  Such experiments, using open circuit gas exchange measurements, require extremely high flow rates that result in very low gas differentials between incurrent and excurrent air.  The S104 DOX has more than enough resolution for accurate measurements of VO2 in this situation and, when used in conjunction with a Qubit NDIR CO2 analyzer and water vapor analyzer, allows accurate calculation of VCO2 and RER.  We can supply the complete gas exchange system for monitoring human energy expenditure, including high capacity pumps and mass flow controllers. Learn more about the DOX HERE

Q-Box HR1LP (from US$10,000)


As part of Qubit’s Q-BOX range of products, the HR1LP is a modular system for monitoring mixed expired air from human subjects during rest or exercise.  As a fully portable open flow gas exchange system, the HR1LP can be transported easily between labs or in the gym.  Qubit’s Q-S153 NDIR CO2 analyzer and Q-S102 O2 analyzer monitor mixed expired air, while a pneumotach spirometer measures breath flow and volume and breathing frequency.  The spirometer may be used independently for lung function measurements.  An advantage of the Q-Box concept is that the modular system allows easy interchange of components, so that the system may be modified easily and inexpensively to study animal respirometry, fermentation and other biological phenomena. Learn more about Q-Box HR1LP HERE


  • Q-P651 Gas Pump (3L/min no load)
  • Q-G265 Flow Monitor (2L/min)
  • Q-S102 O2 Analyzer (0-100%)
  • Q-S153 CO2 Analyzer (0-10%) (Includes CO2 and H2O scrubbers)
  • S182 Wireless Exercise Heart Rate Monitor
  • S184 Pneumotach Spirometer
  • A505 Face Masks (2 Large, 2 Medium)
  • A506-neo Neoprene Holder for face masks
  • A508 Non-rebreathing valve (with mask adapter, spirometer and breath mixing bag adapters, 2 valve leaflets and valve insertion tool, two extra valve leaflets are included)
  • G129 Breath Mixing Volume Bags (2x15L)
  • C610 LabQuest minis (2) data interface system
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 Customized Setup Software
  • Rugged, weather-proof case
  • Q-Box Accessory Kit
  • Manual

BBB1LP Metabolic Cart System (from US$15,000)

S147 rapid response O2/CO2 analyzer

The BBB1LP System is a breath by breath metabolic cart device comprising Qubit’s rapid response laser-diode O2 analyzer and NDIR CO2 analyzer.  Unlike fuel cell O2 sensors, the laser-diode devices does not require periodic sensor replacement and has an inherent response of less than 100 msecs. As with the Q-Track system, Qubit’s CPX software records all raw data and calculates CPX parameters automatically, providing the Wasserman 9-panel graph and allowing the user to customize data displays, as required.  Users may input their own equations, and select any outlying data for exclusion. Compact, rugged and accurate, the BBB1LP has similar performance to most medical-grade metabolic carts costing tens of thousands of dollars more.     


  • S147 Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer
  • B301 Nafion RH Equilibrator
  • S182 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C610 x2 LabQuest Mini Interface
  • F500 Flow meter
  • A505 Face Masks (2 large, 2 med)
  • A506-neo neoprene face mask holder
  • A510 Pneumotach spirometer
  • A511 Pneumotach adapter
  • Sample Pneumotach Tubing and Connectors (Q13606)
  • Flow Calibration Kit (Q13756)
  • BBB1LP Accessory Kit (tubing, connectors, screw driver)

Learn more about BBB1LP HERE

Human Electrophysiology Sensors

Q-S222 GSR

Qubit Systems electrophysiology instrumentation includes a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor for monitoring stress responses, an electromyogram (EMG) for monitoring muscle activity, an electrocardiogram (EKG) sensor for monitoring heart activity, and an electroocculograph (EOG) for monitoring vertical and lateral eye movements. A hand dynamometer is provided for monoring grip and finger strength.  All sensor outputs are displayed and analyzed using Qubit’s Loggerpro software platform.  Priced between $700 – $1200 US, these sensors are inexpensive enough for the teaching lab while providing research quality data. Learn more about our electrophysiology sensors HERE

My company engaged Qubit Systems to develop a gas control station to critical specifications. Qubit staff were a pleasure to work with – enthusiastic, knowledgeable and inventive. The product was delivered on schedule, exceeded our expectations, and was provided at a very attractive price.

Stuart Naylor, Managing Director, Roylan Developments Ltd. UK

Contact us about Customization. Do you require specific instrument or system features for your application?  Contact our scientific staff to discuss your exact needs and learn about our inexpensive options for customization.  We are here to help.