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Face to Face in the Lab Again? Time to revamp your courses and research with Qubit’s Innovative Packages

Many of Qubit’s research packages are affordable enough for teaching budgets, allowing students to work in small groups on exciting projects that yield publishable data. In addition, our Q-teach packages are designed specifically for teaching. We also provide all our analyzers, sensors, pumps, flow meters, ancillary equipment, and software as individual items so that you may equip your teaching and research labs with customized set-ups for your specific interests. 


Q-Track CPX System (from US$8000)


Q-Track system

Q-Track is a wearable breath-by-breath cardiopulmonary exercise (CPX) system for monitoring human metabolic rate and energy expenditure. Battery-powered and weighing only 1.5 Kg, Q-Track allows the subject to engage in numerous sports and physical activities without significant encumbrance. Autocalibration is easy, and data are stored on an SD card for convenient download into LoggerPro software where raw data and all calculated parameters are displayed. Q-Track has all the power and features of medical-grade CPX systems costing more than five times as much. Learn more HERE




  • Fuel cell O2 Sensor
  • NDIR CO2 Analyzer
  • Disposable/Sterilizable Pneumotach
  • Adjustable Face Masks
  • Mask and Attachments only 85g
  • System Weight only 1.2 Kg
  • Collect Data Anywhere
  • Intuitive Software
  • Automated VO2 and VCO2 Calculations
  • Heart Rate Monitor Included
  • PFT Functions
  • +8 Hour Battery Life


Q-teach Animal CO2 Package (from US$3000)

Q-teach animal CO2 pacakge


Sample Experiments


  • Measurements of metabolic rate in insects at rest and during activity.
  • The effects of temperature on metabolic rates of ectotherms and endotherms.
  • The effects of temperature and substrate availability on the metabolic rate of yeast.
  • Further experiments with insects, animals, and yeast




  • Q-teach 101 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm Range (higher range optional)
  • Q-teach 201 Pump/Flow Monitor 1LPM Range
  • S132 Temperature Probe
  • G113 Insect Flow-through Chamber (1.6cm ID, 10cm L)
  • G115 Lizard Flow-through Chamber (3.7cm ID, 15cm L)
  • G230 Aquatic head-space chamber (8.5cm ID, 5cm H)
  • G122 Gas Bags (2 x 30L)
  • G212 Water trap for condensing ice bath
  • Gas conditioning columns
  • C610 LabQuest Mini data interface
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 disk with experimental files, operational and laboratory manuals
  • Q-teach Accessories
  • Q-teach 300 Oxygen analyzer 0-25% (optional)

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Q-Box AQUA (from US$5,700)



Designed for closed or intermittent flow respirometry, our aquatic packages can be used with a wide range of samples from larvae to Danio to larger fish. An optical dissolved O2 probe measures O2 uptake over time, and additional sensors (temperature, salinity, pH, etc.) can be used to investigate the effects of environmental parameters on metabolic rate.  Learn more HERE




  • G217 Large Respiration Chamber (8.2cm ID, 16.7cm L, 660ml)
  • G216 Small Respiration Chamber (3.8cm ID, 15.3cm L, 140ml)
  • G210 mini-AQUA chamber (1.6cm ID, 4.5cm L, 9ml)
  • G223 mini-AQUA micro-chamber (1.5 cm ID, 0.85cm depth, 1.23ml)
  • S122 Optical DO probe
  • A260 Flow-Through vessel for DO probe
  • PL175 Liquid Pump (1LPM)
  • PL100 Liquid pump (0.1LPM) mini-AQUA
  • A236 Three-Way Valve
  • C200 Digital Control Unit for 3-Way Valve
  • A750 Simple Plastic Water Bath
  • S132 Temperature Probe for Water Bath
  • S181 Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • S130 Salinity Probe
  • 6 Channel Data Acquisition Interface (C610 x 2)
  • C901 Software and C404 Experimental File
  • Rugged Weather-proof case for Storage and Transport
  • Q-Box AQUA Accessory Kit (tubing, connectors, filters)
  • User Manual
  • A249 Battery Pack (optional)


Q-teach Plant CO2 Package (from US$3,800)


teaching plant biology


Sample Experiments


  • Measurement and characterization of photosynthesis at different light intensities.
  • Measurement of the CO2 dependence of photosynthesis.
  • Further experiments based on the above (sun versus shade plants; C3 versus C4 plants etc.)




  • Q-teach 101 CO2 Analyzer 2000ppm Range
  • Q-teach 201 Pump/Flow Monitor 1LPM Range
  • S161 Relative Humidity/Temperature Analyzer
  • Q-A101 Lab Stand
  • G112-t Flow Through Leaf Chamber
  • A113 Calibrated LED light source
  • G122 Gas bags (6x30L)
  • G212 Water trap for ice-condensing bath
  • Gas conditioning columns
  • C610 LabQuest Mini data interface (2)
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 disk with experiment files, operational and laboratory manuals
  • Q-teach accessories

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Qubit Teaching Labs: User-Friendly; Powerful; Flexible

The Qubit staff has been unbelievably helpful in teaching me how to use this equipment. The students enjoyed seeing – in real time – the effect of exercise on the metabolic rate of locusts. We developed a number of very interesting biological questions that they were able to answer using the Qubit equipment. The system has enough flexibility to allow students to design their own experiments, which enhances their understanding dramatically. The software is powerful and extremely user-friendly. I am already thinking of new ways to exploit the system for experiments next year.”

Dr. Barb Vanderbeld, Biology Department, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada

I highly recommend the photosynthesis package for any faculty member who wants to make a teaching laboratory more research-based and inquiry driven.

Dr. Jim Hoerter, Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan, USA

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