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For some phenotyping applications, it may be important that plants are not moved from their growth environment prior to screening.  In these cases the imaging apparatus must be brought to the plants using our XYZ Robotic Phenotyping systems, rather than the plants brought to the imaging apparatus as in our PlantScreen™ Modular Systems.

Arguments may be presented that the physical movement of plants on conveyors may affect their growth and development, although the counter-argument is that growth of plants in a wind-less cabinet or greenhouse are not exposed to forces that create natural movements, and thus may have different characteristics than field-grown plants. Qubit-Phenomics offers screening systems to accommodate either situation.

Robotic XYZ Olomouc

XYZ phenotyping systems are available in a range of sizes from small scale cabinet systems to extremely large scale systems for incorporation into greenhouses or growth rooms.  Imaging areas can range from 20 x 20 cm to greater than 1 meter x 1 meter.  The same XYZ concept is also used in PlantScreenTM Field Systems, which are mounted on mobile gantries.  In all cases, a robotic arm carries the imaging apparatus to the plants, and the software allows the user to preset the coordinates for imaging, so that repeated images can be taken in exactly the same location.  This is essential for time –course studies that track plant development, or monitor the periodic progression of stress after onset of a stress response.  The height of the imaging array above the samples can be set, so that both low growing and tall plants can be analysed with the same system.


Field PlantScreen

The imaging arrays in all XYZ systems can be configured to include any combination of RGB, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Thermal and Hyperspectal cameras.  Environmental sensors can also be included.

XYZ system 2

PlantScreenTM XYZ robotic systems can be used to analyze numerous types of samples, including those on Petri Plates and in well plates with various configurations.  We provide customised trays to maintain samples in specific locations so that images may be collected during a time course, and overlaid for comparison.  Illumination options are available for providing light from above or below.  Sample identification and segmentation is automated in software.

XYZ system 1
XYZ with Well Plates

Qubit Phenomics can design  entire systems to fit precisely within your available space, and with regulation to the range of conditions that you specify. As with the PlantScreen™ Modular Systems, the XYZ is modular and designed so that you can add features as your screening requirements evolve. Click on the links below to determine which of the optional features you may require.