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PlantScreen™ Modular Systems

Designed for use in a greenhouse or a controlled environment, in which plants may be cultivated as well as analyzed. Larger plants in single pots, or smaller plants in multiple pots on customized trays may be moved by a conveyor system from the cultivation area to a series of imaging stations.

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XYZ Systems

Designed for applications in which plants are not moved from their growth environment prior to screening but in which the imaging apparatus is brought to the plants using robotic technology. Available in a range of sizes, from small cabinets to large greenhouses.

Chl Fluor a 1 1

PlantScreen™ Compact Systems

Conveyer-based integrated cabinets designed for phenotyping and cultivation of plants (up to 50 cm in height) in individual pots or trays. Can be customized to carry different numbers and types of samples. The cabinet has an internal conveyor, may be attached to an external conveyor.

Hyperspec System 1 1

Self Contained

Self-contained instruments for plant screening that may be deployed in controlled environment rooms or in the greenhouse. Available: RGB and Morphometric Analysis, Kinetic Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging, Hyperspectral Analysis (VNIR, SWIR or both), Thermal and 3D Imaging.

Hyperspectral imaging in the Field 1 1

Field Systems

A multi-functional sensor platform, mounted on an autonomous drive mechanism, that traverses the field automatically at a controlled rate and tags acquired readings to specific plot locations using high precision positioning devices. All imaging devices plus multiple environmental sensors are also included.

4 controlled enviroment


Customized controlled environments range from small reach-in cabinets to large-scale intelligent greenhouses. All are built to maximize energy efficiency with a choice of lighting options: LED banks in multi-tiered growth spaces and large area heat exchangers that operate at low power.

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Customized LED bars and fytopanels provide efficient, homogeneous and tunable lighting for controlled environments and greenhouses. Software or hardware regulated intensity, duration and mode. High output LEDs with long life and minimal heat load, available in broad spectrum or specific wavebands.

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Root Screening

High resolution and high throughput root phenotyping of plants grown in Rhizotubes (1-6 plants per tube). These cylindrical rhizotrons render the entire root system visible for imaging. Rhizotubes are delivered by conveyor belt, or loaded manually, into the RhizoCab cabinet for imaging.

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