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Individual trays are identified by a barcode that is read automatically by the system.  This allows automated selection of samples from the growth chamber or greenhouse for screening.  The data obtained from individual measurements are uniquely assigned to the samples on the basis of their ID and the measurement time.   RFID devices may be used as an alternative, or additional, method for tracking trays, pots and individual samples.

Sample Identification
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Image segmentation is automated in software.  The background image components are removed so that only the sample itself is subjected to analysis.  Numerous masks are available as Wizards to isolate specific areas of sample for individual analysis (e.g. in 96 well plates etc.) and the user may create masks that can be used at any time for specific applications.  Precise positioning of samples during imaging allows images collected at different times (and in different imaging stations) to be overlaid and compared.

Image Segmentation

A unique feature of PlantScreenTM Software is its ability to identify and to track individual leaves within a sample, or within a group of samples.  Morphological segmentation and leaf tracking analysis is used to characterize development and architecture of individual leaves as they progress through development, or change as a result of stress imposition.  The PlantScreenTM System algorithm for leaf tracking runs over binary representations of individual plants during time series analyses.

Leaf tracking